1900 | 1968

s/s Norrtelje
The project

Built in 1900 at William Lindbergs Verkstads- och Varfvs AB, Södra Varfvet in Stockholm, s/s Norrtelje was even considered to be the highlight of what could be achieved in shipbuilding art. Between the years of 1900-1968, she was working as a transportation boat, but since 1968 located in the harbour of Norrtälje working as a restaurant boat.

The tenants David Mattsson, Malin Jönsson and Andreas Mattsson contacted Grafstad Designbyrå to make a visual identity for the over 100 year old steamboat. Today s/s Norrtelje have a new logotype, menues, business card and a complete stationary design, a personal beer, flags, street talker, new website, and the company has grown wider with an extended outdoor street food container called KajBarBQ serving food from the Texas smooker grill on the edge of the harbour.

The solution was to integrate the 1900’s century feeling in both what to look like stamped typography and illustrations, photography and to integrate it together with the interior design. Custom stamps made of vintage wood in the U.S.A were one of smany details that makes that little extra.



Client: s/s Norrtelje
Category: Identity 
Year: 2016
Website: www.ssnorrtelje.se
Art Director: Danny Sivermalm
Photographer: Danny Sivermalm
Specials: White Guide 2017