Kaffe - Businde origin Espresso

139.00 kr

Kaffe – Businde origin Espresso

139.00 kr

Kaffe med ursprung som espresso (brygg enligt guide nedan som bryggkaffe eller espresso) från mikrorosteriet Caravan Coffee Roasters i norra London. Exklusivt hos Grafstad Designbyrå.

“Burundi, often called the Heart of Africa because of its heart-shaped border as well as its location, has some of the continent’s most favourable conditions for growing specialty coffee. Farmers here grow an average of less than one hectare of coffee per household, typically alongside subsistence crops such as maize and sorghum. This particular lot was processed in the natural style, a rarity in Burundi, which imparts additional tropical fruit notes and a thick, syrupy sweetness.”

Malet – 250 gr.

Country: Burundi
Producer: Various Smallholders
Washing Station: Businde
Department: Kayanza
Altitude: 1650-1800 masl
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Natural


For a double espresso, we like a recipe of 19 grams in, 40 grams out and shot times of 31-34 seconds. In milk, expect notes of blueberry cheesecake.

For filter, we have been brewing this coffee as a pour over on a Hario V60 brewer at a recipe of 24 grams of medium-fine ground coffee to 400ml of hot filtered water, just off boil. We start with a 60ml bloom, allowing the coffee to expand for 30 seconds before pouring the rest of the volume in slow circles. After we finish pouring, we give the slurry a few stirs before allowing it to draw down, for a total brew time of approximately 3 minutes.